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Home Grown Harvest #2

Writer: Kid's Table

Circus Circus' debut single is out now on Vicious Records - you can pick it up now on beatport. This gypsy house main room banger is a must for your CD wallet this summer. SUPPORT Circus Circus and buy the single HERE!

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Writer: Kid's Table

Tropical Tunesday #28

Writer: Kid's Table

As many of us still struggle for words to come to terms with the loss of Ed Banger's DJ Medhi; Aeroplane puts his thoughts, feelings and emotions into the only medium he knows how; music. Enjoy and RIP DJ Medhi. 

Bonus bootleg download

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Writer: Kid's Table

Home Grown Harvest #1

Writer: Kid's Table

Home Grown Harvest will bring you some of the best of local talent in the Geetroit and surrounding areas. Getting Tropical has always been about supporting local producers, deejays, events and club culture in general. So what better way then to start off than with two of the sometimes bearded disco deviants 1 Fish, Two Fish. It's been a long time coming and these gents are really pushing hard producing some absolutely amazing stuff over the past 6 months which has started to gain them the recognition they've always deserved. From the humble beginnings of 'Margarita Face' to their remix of 'Clockwork' by Aus hip hop artist Phrase; these fishes are turning up the heat and gittin' it done! 

Enjoy some of there newest pieces of work including a flashback to their first release on Idiot House records.

As a massive fan of The XX this is my favourite:

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Writer: Kid's Table

DJ Funk @ New Guernica Double Pass Winner Announced!

Writer: Kid's Table

Getting Tropical is proud to announce a very deserving winner of the DJ Funk double pass:

Eddie Galinovic

You're name will be on the door with a +1 against it - enjoy the night and git sarm funk sarn!

What words can describe the one and only DJ Funk? Pioneer? Party Rocker? Ghetto House Icon?

DJ Funk grew up on the musically rich West Side of Chicago where he was exposed at an early age to Chicago, New York & Detroit dance music. As a teenager Funk began to DJ at house parties, neighborhood clubs as well as selling mixtapes in the hood to make ends meet. Mixing House, Techno and Hip-Hop, DJ Funk pioneered the 'Ghetto House' genre, releasing 'Ghetto House Anthems 1 & 2' and 'Booty House Anthems 1 & 2' which have gone to sell over one million records worldwide.

DJ Funk's remix resume reads like the who's who of dance music: Justice, Basement Jaxx and DJ Sneak to name a few. While licensing tracks to DJ's such as Carl Cox, Bad Boy Bill, Humpty Vision, Jeff Miles, Dave Clark for their mix CD Albums, he's played across the globe for the past ten years with the likes of Daft Punk, Green Velvet, Justice, Ice T, DJ Dan, DJ Qbert, Wu Tang Clan, Grand Master Flash, African Bambata, Run DMC, and the list goes on. His shows are maximum hype, he's on the mic the whole time.

Now he's ready with a whole new agenda. With his remix of Justice's indie-club hit 'Water's of Nazareth' a whole new generation of fas are finding out what DJ Funk is all about. Sure everyone's heard his tract 'Face down, Ass Up, That's The Way We Like To Fuck'. He's now signed with Busy P's Ed Banger Records with a new album on the way.

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Writer: Kid's Table

Put Your Hands Up For Geetroit

Guest Writer: Muntworth Miller

I don't understand why so many people whinge and moan about the Geelong nightlife scene, to be honest I think Geelong is absolutely killing it! Maybe we don't have feature acts down every weekend but when we do we are all sure to make a night of it. There are plenty of great people around Geelong pushing different types of music and bringing down some great feature acts, not to mention the amazing local talent that is floating around this great city.

The majority of people complaining seem to be the constant bar flies that go to the same place at the same time to hear the same songs each week, instead of complaining I suggest that you do a bit of research (e.g. Forte Magazine, facebook invites etc.) too see what headline acts are coming to this great town.

Anyway I thought I would share a few of my favourite places for those of you who are keen to try something new or attempt the Wednesday to Sunday bender. 

Wednesday - Mista Hyde (10pm-1am)
Joe Joe & JubTek
A guilty midweek pleasure with a laid back feel.

Thursday - Opium Thursday (9pm-1am)
Galtier, Tampa, Babygoggles and Trampoline
$4.50 coronas and $4 spirits

Thursday - Eureka Nightclub (9pm-Late)
Tom Evans (Revolver) & Steve Camp (Getting Tropical Resident Writer)
Good to see Eureka bringing down some quality Melbourne DJs over the past months to compliment Geelong's talent.

Friday - The National Hotel aka The Nash (9pm-Late)
Rotating weekly DJs inc. DJ Example, 1 Fish, Two Fish, Johnny EL Pajaro, Chook & more
Getting sweaty with great people and something new every week

Don't stay at the same venue all night and finish up at Home House!
Research an event and actually ATTEND!

Sunday - Mista Hyde (9pm-1am)
Schmikey hosts Klique Sundayz w/ weekly guests
Rekorderlig, house, tech-haus & techno! 

Lambys Bar (9pm-3am)
Joe Joe
You know how much of a guilty indulgence it is.. 

Home House (10pm-5:30am)
Steve Camp (Getting Tropical Monthly Writer)
Fist pump like and champ to bring in your Monday morning

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! So don't say that Geelong nightlife is dead when you have so many great options each week.

Guest Writer: Muntworth Miller 

Tropical Tunesday #27

Writer: Kid's Table

There are some dead set weapons in this Tropical Tunesday - plug in your monitors and feel the future. 

& keep up to date with all things tropical!

Writer: Kid's Table

Monday Mix Up #9 w/ Sunshine (Revolver)

Interview: Kid's Table

DJ Name: Sunshine
Years in industry: 11
Favourite catch phrase:  Keeping it real. 

KT: For everyone out there looking to get into deejayin'; how did you first start and what was your 'big break'?

After a misspent youth in the outer suburbs of Fremantle I packed up my stuff and hopped a bus to the bright lights of Melbourne. Upon arriving with not much but a crate of vinyl and a dream; I worked several shitty retail and cafe jobs, after a year I finally scraped enough money to buy a pair of technics SL1200'mk2s and a vestax pmc17 mixer (with a pretty mirror finish), after a few random house party gigs and practicing mixing everyday for a year and a half, I got heavily involved in the Melbourne scene. Everything from dropping flyers to party's supporting as many night clubs as I could through my patronage. Eventually I started getting booked for a few more professional club/bar gigs, probably the most important being Revolver Upstairs on a Wednesday night, which led to me taking over Saturday mornings recovery session in 2003. Where I have been since.

KT: What advice can you give to any aspiring deejays out there that want to make their hobby into a career?

Play what you love. Find your own style and support the scene you want to be a part of. There are plenty of people out there with a hard drive full of music pretty similar to what you might have, so.. you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

KT: What has been your favourite gig/venue to play at and why?

Revolver Saturday mornings. I have probably spent more time at Revolver than I have at most of the apartments I have lived in, still even after 8 years week in, week out playing 5 hour sets I have always managed to have a great time.

KT: Who has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

Boogs. Melbourne's best DJ. He's inspired a generation of DJs and copycat's but still keeps it real.

KT: What projects are you working on at the moment?

I'm pretty new to the production world. I've been spending some time in the studio with a few people helping me along, I have one track that's pretty much done. I've been giving it a test run in my set's recently and it's been getting really good responses so hopefully it will be released soon, but I guess you'll hear more about it when its closer.

KT: For anyone who hasn't caught you live yet; what can they expect to see?

A mixture of house and techno.. I like to call it hapno. My sets are always about having fun, I believe that if you enjoy what you do that kind of positive energy rubs off on people on the dance floor. 

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical' and why?

Wally Badarou - Hi Life, just listen to it and you'll think your on a tropical island :-) 

Gig Dates:

09.09.11 - Lady Luck @ Circus 

10.09.11 - Revolver Upstairs Recovery 7am-12pm

10.09.11 - Superdisco @ The Prince

10.09.11 - Late Night Supper Club @ Circus 

17.09.11 - Revolver Upstairs Recovery 7am-12pm

17.09.11 - Superdisco @ The Prince

23.09.11 - Lady Luck @ Circus

24.09.11 - Revolver Upstairs Recovery 7am-12pm

24.09.11 - Superdisco @ The Prince

24.09.11 - Poison Apple @ Ladida

& keep up to date with all things tropical!

Interview: Kid's Table


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