HVOB - Dogs [SVT087]

HVOB - Dogs [SVT087]

Their first Soundcloud snippets appeared in April, followed by the signing to Stil vor Talent in late spring and a summer of lauded festival performances, such as at the renowned Berliner Melt! Festival – this autumn HVOB (short for Her Voice Over Boys) now go on to deliver their virgin release: the ‘Dogs’ EP closes the circle of an impressive first year for the young electronica project.

‘Dogs’ combines all of the qualities with which the Vienna-based pair caused a stir across Europe during the past months: intelligent, equally driving and melodic, sophisticated electronic music – with an enchantingly feminine touch due to Anna Müller’s voice. Stil vor Talent mastermind Oliver Koletzki speaks of ‘a eureka moment on first listen, something that only happens once in a blue moon. HVOB are unique and timeless’.

On the A-side of the debut EP, ‘Dogs’ and ‘Let’s Keep this Quiet’ take the listener on a journey through HVOB’s distinctive sonic world of organic sounds, floating pads, propelling beats and Anna Müller’s beautiful voice. Müller is not only responsible for the vocals, but for composition and production, while Paul Wallner is accountable for the finishing touches of the production process.

On the flip side, ‘Dogs’ is then treated by Stil vor Talent heavyweights Oliver Koletzki and Niko Schwind: Koletzki utilises the original’s piano and vocal melodies, beefing them up with a driving bass line and his trademark synths, while Schwind places an emphasis on catchy claps, tambourines and Anna Müller’s voice.

We are eagerly awaiting the release of their first album early next year!

Released by: Stil vor Talent
Release/catalogue number: SVT087

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