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Sporting Globe JUMP ft ROB PIX STEVIE MINK HEATH RENATA Sat 3rd Sept 2011

Writer: Kid's Table

To those of you who’ve Jumped before - We guarantee you’re currently feeling the urge, resisting temptation and on the edge of your seat awaiting the chance to Jump again! We know all too well, it’s an addiction. One that once twisted your ears into confused knots of what-just-happened-ness. 
For those of you yet to pop your Jumping cherry – Understandably, the anticipation is building. That anxiousness your stomach currently feels is overwhelming. You’re need/want/hope to see what all the hype is about consumes your every waking moment…

Before you even attempt to feed your hunger elsewhere - Jump is here for it’s next installment. This time, we’re not going to fill you with Jump-inclined antidotes and the latter (as tempting as that is…) rather just bombard you with facts. So much so you can’t resist the charm of such an occasion and make an appearance to jump around, jump around…Ok. We’ll stop. 

Saturday September 3rd at The Sporting Globe sees so many hours of straight awesome provided by Rob Pix (*cough* Ministry Of Sound *cough*) Stevie Mink, Heath Renata and Circus Circus (Vicious Records). With local support from 1 Fish Two Fish, Isaac Fryar, Joe Joe, Yuen, TVB, Kids Table, BabyGoggles and Trampoline – As if you’re not already simply from their names!

Sporting Globe | JUMP ft ROB PIX / STEVIE MINK / HEATH RENATA | Sat 3rd Sept 2011 from Jump Here on Vimeo.

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Writer: Kid's Table

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Attention budding writers! 

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Look forward to hearing from YOU!

August Fantastic Four

Guest Writer: Steve Camp

#1 Strawberry Swing (Original Mix) - Solo Download

Genre: Tech House

Label: Great Stuff Records

Great Stuff Recordings never fail to release the best of the best in house music. This bouncey tech house banger by Solo is no exception, with chilled deep house chords as a build, tweaky percussion with a sweet vocal loop.

#2 Burn In Hell (Original Mix) - DJ Chus, D-Unity Download

Genre: Tech House

Label: Great Stuff Records

Another hit released on Great Stuff here. DJ Chus and D-Unity need no introduction, both artists producing hit after hit, heavily influenced by tribal percussion and big room sounds. Burn In Hell gives us a nice smooth back and forth bassline topped off with lively snare rolls. 

#3 Show Face (Original Mix) - Harvey McKay Download

Genre: Tech House

Label: Saved Records

Simple yet oh so good. This track reeks of that big stage festival vibe, the driving big room kick really giving it its essence. The vocal fits in so well around the deep soulful synths, it is a must have for all tech house lovers. 

#4 Bootyberg (Original Mix) - J. Phlip Download

Genre: Tech House

Label: Dirtybird Records

Think kick drums with huge tail, techy breakbeat, shakers and a bunch of chopped vocals. Bootyberg definitely has a catchy quality about it with a nice unique change from your standard tech house beat. Enjoy!

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Guest Writer: Steve Camp

Tropical Tunesday #26

Writer: Kid's Table

This Tropical Tunesday is dedicated to Sweat It Out's newest competition - you have the chance to be on the next Sweat It Out compilation; Class of 2011. The compilation already contains exclusive and specifically made tracks from our favourite producers including Nat Self (Zombie Disco Squad), Solo, Urchins, Russ Chimes, Luke Million, YBC, Wax Motif, Beni, the Finger Prince, Drop the Lime, AC Slater, Monkey Safari, Hickup, Loot n Plunder, Harris Robotis and Wolfie all mixed up by our favourite students YBC and Loot n Plunder. It will be both a physical release and digital release and will hit the shelves in November 2011.

To Enter:

Upload your track to Soundcloud and make the track private!

Then email your private soundcloud link with the subject heading 'Compilation Competition' to:


Goodluck and here's some new edits from Sweat It Out dance floor legend Ajax!

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Interview: Kid's Table

Monday Mix Up #8 w/ Shockone

Interview: Kid's Table

DJ Name: Shockone
Label: Viper Recordings
Years in industry: 10ish 
Favourite catch phrase:  Never have a plan B in life, if you do you will always end up living it. Also 'Talking about music is like dancing to architecture' - Frank Zappa

KT: For everyone out there looking to get into deejayin'; how did you first start and what was your 'big break'?

I made music first. I never intended on being a DJ and was only asked to DJ once my first single came out on Shogun audion. I guess if anyone was serious about making a career out of dance music that is what I would suggest. It's a producer's market these days, gone are the days of the 'superstar' DJ. There are a million dudes out there with decks, so it's near impossible to stand out from a crown if you are solely a DJ in my opinion. Making music is a lot harder and a much steeper learning curve than DJing but it will make people notice you a lot quicker than DJing. 

KT: What advice can you give to any aspiring deejays out there that want to make their hobby into a career?

On top of what I just wrote above, I think with the music industry in general, perseverance and determination are important. Hence my favourite saying at the top. No matter how hungry for success you think you are, there is someone else hungrier and willing to work just as hard or harder than you to get it. That's why you can't have a back up option for your life in case 'the music thing doesn't work out', if you do you will end up doing your back up option when you when you've been writing tunes for 5 years and nobody knows who you are and you can't pay your rent and your girlfriend is sick of you being a broke-ass mofo and you feel like the whole world is telling you to 'get a real job' and give up on it all, that's when you will fall back on whatever it is you had that you would do if it all doesn't work out. If you don't have that plan B you have no choice but to keep pushing on and get better at your art. I realised early on that I wanted to make music for the rest of my life whether I was broke or successful or what ever. When you realise that the question 'whether you'll ever make it' becomes null and void. 

KT: What has been your favourite gig/venue to play at and why?

Shape nightclub in Perth. It's my home club and always will be. Like a massive rave with all my best friends every time. 

KT: Who has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

My parents, I have them to thank for the music in my life. Also Phetsta, we've helped each other develop as artists so much over the past few years, we are like band mates of a band that doesn't really exist. 

KT: What projects are you working on at the moment?

My debut album due out early 2012 is what my brain is consumed with at the moment.

KT: For anyone who hasn't caught you live yet; what can they expect to see?

A mentalist making a fool of himself.

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical' and why?

At the Copa (CO!, Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana 
Music and passion were always the fashion
At the Copa... they fell in love

Because Barry Manilow is the man. 

Gig Dates:

Dubstep Invasion 2 Tour
August 25th - La La Land, Byron Bay
September 2nd - King St Hotel, Newcastle
September 9th - Chinese Laundry, Sydney
September 10th - HQ, Adelaide
September 16th - Academy Bar, Canberra
September 17th - Bounce @ Woodport Inn, Gosford

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Interview: Kid's Table

DJ Hero Megamix

Writer: Kid's Table

Perfect weather to be sitting out on a deck somewhere in the sun having cheeky beers - Bang Gang show that they are the DJ heroes here with this mega mix of the popular computer games tracks. 
Chk it owwwt!


Writer: Kid's Table

Tropical Tunesday #25 *Free* Rob Pix Remix Download

Writer: Kid's Table

We all remember the band Faker from their hit 'This Heart Attack' - well they're back with their new track 'Dangerous' and I just got sent a remix from our sunglass wearing pal Rob Pix which is fairly rad. So have a listen and check out the rest of the tracks including an amazing minimal bootleg of Gotye's - 'Somebody I used to know' from Steve Camp. 

Dangerous (Rob Pix Remix) by Faker Radio

*Free Download*

Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know (Steve Camp 'Minimal' Bootleg) by Steve Camp

Ricardo Tatoo - Relax (Original Mix) by RicardoTatoo

Wafa vs Wolfie - Tom Tom (Slap In The Bass Remix) (excerpt) by No Brainer Records

Writer: Kid's Table

Monday Mix Up #7 w/ Nick Farago

Interview: Kid's Table

KT: First up; What's your DJ name and how did you get/choose it?

Nick Farago: Nick Farago. Apparently I was nameless for 2 weeks when I was born, then one of mum's friends came up with Nick and I guess it kinda stuck.

KT: How did you come to working together/start deejayin'?

Nick Farago: I always had a keen interest I think going out underage in 07, 08 when the googs were awesome really fuelled my love for dance music and then then I was turbo hungover one day at work and I convinced the boss to let me go home early and in my delusional state I drove in JB from Anglesea and bought some gear (a crappy Audioline M-dex thing) and I kinda started from there. Moved on to some pioneer stuff and got my first gig at the Anglesea Hotel.

KT: What has been your favourite gig so far? 

Nick Farago: The Moonlight Party in Bendigo for sure. The place was packed and I was on the same time as Bingo Players were and I couldn't believe the amount of people that were at my stage and everyone responded great to my tunes, it was really amazing.

KT: What can people expect to hear form one of your sets?

Nick Farago: I tend to go pretty hard, lots of techno. Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, Sound of Stereo, Mumbai Science that kinda thing. Although I am starting to move towards the 'likes of you' techno, Sven Vath, Loco Dice - I'm really trying to push my boundries in that aspect.

KT: Who's your favourite DJ/Producer at the moment?

Nick Farago: On a national scale it would have to be Acid Jacks by a country mile, the sets that Antonio smashes out are amazing. Internationally Erol Alkan. The man is a God and thats all there is too it. 

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical'?

Nick Farago: After Dark - The Count & Sinden because it's summer for 6 minutes whenever you listen to it.

KT: If you had one special power what would it be and why?

Nick Farago: Time travel, just imagine all the cool shit you could do.

KT: What plans do you have for Nick Farago in the future?

Nick Farago: Gigging as much as humanly possible at places I can do my own thing and hopefully cracking into the production side of things. 

KT: What's your favourite memory of a live gig you've seen?

Nick Farago: Richie Hawtin presents Plastikman Live backed up by Erol Alkan at Creamfields UK 2010. IN-FUCKEN-CREDIBLE!

KT: To all the promoters out there; why should they book you?

Nick Farago: I get cats in the door and plat the slickest of tunes.

Booking details:

Name: Nick Farago
Contact: or +61422637621
Looking for gigs in: Melbourne.

Track List

1. Calcium (Original Mix) - Strip Steve & Das Glow
2. Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework) - Chilli Gonzalez
3. Zzafrica (Original Mix) - ZZT
4. Yes & No (Original Mix) - Discosamurai
5. Singapore Swing (Original Mix) - Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers
6. Lemonade (Original Mix) - Boys Noize & Erol Alkan
7. Gecko (Burns' Start-Stop Remix) - Mr. Blink
8. Gold (Original Mix) - Mumbai Science
9. Diamond (Original Mix) - Sound of Stereo
10. Technology (Original Mix) - Destructo

Interview: Kid's Table

Daniel Steinberd, Nils Ohrmann - We Don't Sync So EP

Writer: Kid's Table

This needs no introduction; Daniel Steinberg and Nils Ohrmann have come through with the goods here and with a remix from Oliver $ you have no choice but to turn on your monitors and turn. it. up. 

Daniel Steinberg, Nils Ohrmann - We Don´t Sync So EP by Arms & Legs Records

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Writer: Kid's Table

Top Billin' - World Gone Club Vol. 3 ft. Opium Thursdays Launch

 Writer: Kid's Table

Top Billin' is set to release their 3rd edition of World Gone Club 09.09.11 and is a massive album of assorted artists. It's a very futuristic bass culture driven drop with artists such as Daniel Klauser, Digital Jam, Wolfhaus and Solidisco - you'll be sure to hear a lot of these bombs over the coming summer. 


Also if you're looking for something to do in Geetroit city and don't want to go to... (shit remember; first rule of...) I mean if you don't want to go to Spewies then hit up Opium bar with their new Thursday night being launched tonight featuring some rad local talent inc. Tampa, BabyGoggles, Trampoline & Galtier.

Writer: Kid's Table

Dress N Boots Is Sick Presents: Mololopooloser @ The Nash


"25 years ago a young sperm cell made an epic journey along with roughly 200000 brothers and sisters along some tubes and walls to enter a competition based in a womb, after overcoming birth control, these young men and women where forced to DJ for their position in the womb and ultimately DJ for their life, this competition was quickly won by a young man we all now know as: MOLUCK. 

This competition was no laughing matter for the young mans mother, I mean you try having someone like Mololuck try to spin and fade your uterus, after nine months of womb party 86 and various compilation tapes the young mans mother begged to get this kid out of her, and quickly after Mololuck was born he turned the maternity ward into the biggest party Geelong had ever seen and he had finger banged every midwife in the place.

Moving forward a young Mololuck aged 6 and a half gave DJ lessons to a lesser known Stuart Harrison (aka Disco Stu) who went on to become Geelong's highest selling DJ in 93 and create quite possibly the biggest DJ hub (Geelong) in the southern hemisphere.

Mololuck then dominated the entire surf coast with his abilty to bang beats and chicks in one fell swoop making him the only DJ in the world who can multi task, this was helped with his double jointed fingers and ability to breathe through his ears.

Now at 25, young Mololuck has conquered the world, he has banged more chicks than Gene Simmons and has brought metal heads and porn stars to their knees."

- Tromboner

The xx- Infinity (1 Fish, Two Fish Remix) by 1 Fish, Two Fish

Ok Sure - Stay Away by Kaysh // Ok Sure

Hybu - New Bump (Mat Cant Remix) (snippet) by Mat Cant

Missy's Antidote (Trampoline. Boot-ay) - Style of Eye & Pleasurekraft by Trampoline.

*Warning ladies; Harley Waddell is DTF & a gentle giving lover


Moron Soda (Original Mix) by Galtier

Tropical Tunesday #24

Writer: Kid's Table

This Tropical Tunesday is topped by Danny T - he launched onto the scene in '06 and is now one of the most sought after producer/DJs in the country. His remix of 'Who Let The Douchebags In?' is what we're all really thinking about those tossers who walk around with tennis balls under their arm pits and less clothes then the chicks they're with. 

Full release comes from Central Records and is out this Friday w/ other remixes from Bombs Away, Lazy Ants, J.Rabbit, No Body, The Mane Thing and MMNiA.  

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Writer: Kid's Table

Monday Mix Up #6 w/ Mu-Gen (the-key)

Interview: Kid's Table

DJ Name: Mu-Gen
Label: the-key
Residencies: New Guernica, The Espy, The Laundry & Eurotrash
Years in the industry: 11
Soundcloud: [click here]
Favourite catch phrase: 'I play music, get sweaty and make the sexy time'

KT: For everyone out there looking to get into deejayin'; how did you first start and what was your 'big break'?

Mu-Gen: First started a while back playing tech-house in the side room of seven, I was more into playing hip hop at the time but my only hook up was with some techno promoters hen seven first opened. Took about 2 years before I could start playing what I actually wanted to after getting a bit of a reputation and getting to know the right people.

KT: What advice can you give to aspiring deejays out there that want to make their hobby into a career?

Mu-Gen: If you truly want it as a long term career than make sure you stay true to the style/styles you are currently into, always keep evolving and trying to learn more. What helps you 'get somewhere' in this industry is respect of talent, so don't put all your eggs in the basket of having the latest music and big guest-list, and instead learn more about the art of dj'ing. Eleven years on I still practice my scratching, mixing and messing around with combining different genres. I think one of the main reasons I have lasted so long is that I have always evolved and never out priced myself. I have never asked too much money to do gigs once I started getting a bit of a name. Once you do that you will scare some promoters off for good.

KT: What had been your favourite gig/venue to play at and why?

Mu-Gen: Most deff it would have to be Meredith Music Festival. I have been lucky enough to play the main DJ set on the Saturday night twice now. Once in '07 and also last year. I go to tons of effort when I play a show like that and make sure it's a special set. Hands down the most accepting crowd I have played to. They get down to anything, allowing me to play surf rock to hip hop to dance and more.. Rad balls time every time! 

KT: Who has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

Mu-Gen: So many. Early days it would have to be people like DJ Shadow, Manchild, Cash Money and Dexter. Then as I evolved into the dance scene it included people like Diplo, Spank Rock, Douster and locally people like Paz and Scattermish. Today I'm not sure who my biggest influence would be. I have been going back through a lot of old mix tapes of mine lately re-discovering what was really working in the past and trying to evolve the same sound with new songs. So I guess what I'm looking to most at the moment would be myself. 

KT: What projects are you working on at the moment?

Mu-Gen: At the moment I have a ton of projects in the works. I'm making songs for a rapper from Miami called Oddyssey. Also working on two EP's for myself. One is very different from my usual style and is a more rounded sound with everything from hip hop to big beat to a synthy lo-fi dance sound. Also working with a couple of local female vocalists to produce some pop music. Also putting finishing touches on my set for the red bull 3style competition later this month. Finally I have been setting up a new label for myself for the past six months also name 'the-key'. Already have a few signings and it will be fully operational in the next month or two. It's a bit of a different turn for me as I'm trying to incorporate live music on the label alongside electronica. I'm leaving the dance sound to the ever growing number of local labels popping up.

KT: For anyone who hasn't caught you live yet; what can they expect to see?

Mu-Gen: I'm very much into playing a mash up type vibe at the moment. I have also been really heavy into practicing my turntablism skills again. So I guess what people can expect to hear is someone who is passionate about the art of dj'ing putting lots of styles together in a creative/skilled party set.

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical' and why?

Mu-Gen: Antillas (Prins Thomas Diskomiks mix) - El Guincho. I think there are too many people making drum heavy dance music with some tropical samples and calling it tropical. This El Guincho song hits my meaning of tropical on the head. Sounds like a real band playing by the beach while I'm sipping pina coladas. 

Mix Breakdown:

Mu-Gen: I wanted to do something different for this mix rather than what people have been hearing from me in the past. This mix is the music I listen to in my iPod or while cooking a meal at home. It's very much influenced by dance music in its structure but only tips over the 120bpm barrier in the last ten mins. I'm very influenced by nu-wave, bass, hip hop and r&b at the moment and I think it really shows in this mix and my current production. I have included a few of my new unreleased songs also as a teaser. Deff's one for the car not for pre-drinks on a Saturday night.

I'll have what she's having (winter mix) by Mu-Gen

Track List:

1. Intro - Mu-Gen
2. Bitches Talkin' - Frank Ocean
3. Songs For Women - Frank Ocean
4. Rico Ft. Frank Ocean - MellowHype
5. Das Geheimnis - Siriusmo
6. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Derrick Laro and Trinity
7. Glass Table Girls - The Weekend
8. Stunts - Flying Lotus
9. Earpod - Mu-gen
10. Chickentown - Andy Milonakis (Produced by Savage Skulls)
11. Novacane - Frank Ocean
12. Fancy Forty - Lunice
13. Purp Walk - Lunice
14. You (The Hood Internet - Lil B vs. Golda Panda vocal edit) - Gold Panda
15. Dirty Chopsticks - Hodgy Beats vs. Flying Lotus
16. Maaitie Maai - RednoseDistrict
17. The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake
18. Apple Juice - Krazy Baldhead
19. Hip Pop - Lunice
20. Brown Bag ('04 FTA) - Mike G
21. Triangle Walks (Un Mono Azul Remix) - Fever Ray
22. Lovecrimes - Frank Ocean
23. Aaron - Paul Kalkbrenner
24. Same Dream China - Gold Panda
25. Stick Up Ft. Earl Sweatshirt - Mike G
26. Hollywood - George Ienton
27. Prayers For Rain - The Cure
28. Orgasm - Meg Ryan

Interview: Kid's Table

Fall Away From Love (Original Mix) - Danny Daze

Writer: Kid's Table

Miami based Danny Daze of the illustrious Senor Stereo and DiscoTech outfits returns to his dance music roots with this incredible track. A 90s inspired tech house barrage featuring Bizarre Inc rifs, space modulations, and Danny's own echoing vocal anchored by a bass heavy four to the floor beat. YES!

Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love by DiscaBueno

Plus an amazing re-work of a the Foo Fighters classic 'Everlong' by Louis Laroche - I trust that you like me would love for him to finish this one!

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Writer: Kid's Table


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