Mummy Did A Dance

 Writer: Dom Spiller

What is there to say about Jack Adams a.k.a. Mumdance, apart from having one of the self-professed stupidest names in the business (I mean seriously, who the fuck names their kid "Jack Adams"?)

*Crickets* *Tumbleweeds*

But anyway, let's knock that part out of the way shall we? For all those inquisitive minds out there pondering the origins of the obscure moniker "Mumdance", prepare to be bitterly disappointed much like I was, because it turns out it isn't an interesting story at all. Or even a story for that matter. In his own glorious words;

"Mumdance is a stupid name that I thought up, which I use as an anchor for the various cultural products that I sporadically create"

With that being said however, there is nothing lack-lustre OR bitterly dissapointing about the music Mumdance creates. Trying to pin Mumdance's sound down into a specific genre is a feat in itself that I don't think can be achieved; ome might say his music transcends individual genres themselves and shakes the foundations of electronic music to its various cores, while some might just say "yeah, that sounds aiight", either way I'm yet to hear a bad word about the man, and if anyone out there has, then don't tell me, because I don't admit that I'm wrong anyway.

That's enough from me anyway, so sit forward, clench your klubbin' fist and prepare for the auditory experience that is Jack Adams, Mumdance.

Mumdance ft Badness - Sacrifice by mumdance

Mums Of Death (Mumdance & Drums of Death) - Golden Axe by mumdance

Mumdance - Smasher by mumdance

Writer: Dom Spiller


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