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Tropical Tunesday #34

Writer: Kid's Table

Headlined by Pleasurekraft's new remix of Namito's 'Of Mice & Hares' - text book amazing Pkraft samples; we all heard it on the Australian tour and now we get to spin it ourselves. Followed by something deep, some tech haus and then some dark techno - perfection. 

Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - August In Paris by serkan_d

Angelo Ferreri, Lux Stiffmeister - Trip (Original Mix) by Lux Stiffmeister

Wally Lopez - What Are You Doing (Stefano Noferini Remix) [Deeperfect] by STEFANO NOFERINI
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Writer: Kid's Table

Minicoffee Records: Java Vol.2

Writer: Kid's Table

Minicoffee Records has come up with an absolute gem of a release - minimal is making its mark on the scene slowly but surely. Treat yourself to Java Vol. 2 & you won't be disappointed.

[MCR039] VA: Java Vol.2 by Minicoffee Records

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Writer: Kid's Table

Club Electro (Mixed By Andy Murphy & Tenzin)

Writer: Kid's Table

Taking charge on Disc 1 is top Australian/DJ producer Andy Murphy who is a national presence, whether on his own or as part of production duo 'Jam Xpress', firing out his primetime crowd favourites including first time listening of his own new single 'Can't Keep Me From You' ft. Andrew DeSilva and the previously unreleased new single from Jam Xpress & Seany B - 'Everybody Get Up'. 

Andy Murphy is headlining next weeks instalment of 'Jump' at the Sporting Globe - this offshoot night of the highly successful event company 'Love That Music' has sold out twice before and is looking that way again. If you would like a ticket to Jump then contact me here - they're $15 ea. and a must have if you plan on attending!

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Writer: Kid's Table

Monday Mix Up #14 w/ Silversix

Interview: Kid's Table

DJ Name: Silversix
Label: Suckmusic (Director/Label Manager)
Residencies: Revolver Upstairs, Mi Casa, Wah Wah Lounge, Circus, Sorry Grandma, Bimbos, Humpday Project, Rah Bar.
Years in industry: 4-5

KT: For everyone out there looking to get into deejayin'; how did you first start and what was your 'big break'?

My first main break was when T-Rek released my track 'Turn It Down!' on Freakshow Disco Productions in December 2009, it lead to me playing at Revolver.

KT: What advice can you give to any aspiring deejays out there that want to make their hobby into a career?

DJ-ing now is more than just spinning records; I think you need to offer production as well. But don't be a sheep, try and create or do something a little different.

KT: What has been your favourite gig/venue to play at and why?

Easily Revolver Upstairs. It offers club goers something they can't find anywhere else. It also allows me to play long sets and many genres of music.

KT: Who has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

As a DJ, I'd have to say Boogs. I don't think there is another DJ who has influenced so many people whilst still keeping to himself. 

KT: What projects are you working on at the moment?

Currently, just keeping on top of things with the label (Suckmusic). We're about to finish a massive overhaul of the site which is looking very good.

As for production, I'm still currently working on an album, more electronic stuff not a lot of 'dance' music, but just good music in general. Should be finished early next year. I also just finished a track with DJ PP called 'Fucking Amazing!' should be out next month and a couple of others on the way as well.

KT: For anyone who hasn't caught you live yet; what can they expect to see?

It totally depends where you catch me haha

KT: For those who have never seen you play at Revolver on a Sunday arvo - describe what it's like?

It's definitely an experience like no other club, there can be 20 people in there or 300 & both have so much vibe. Broad daylight, no fancy lights or smoke machines, just quality beer & quality music :-)

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical' and why?

Beer? ;-)

Gig Dates:

Wednesdays @ Humpday Project
Fridays @ Circus
Fridays @ Bimbos
Fridays @ Sorry Grandma
Saturdays @ Rah Bar
Saturdays @ Sorry Grandma
Saturdays @ Karova
Saturdays @ Pretty Please
Saturdays @ Wah Wah
Sundays @ Revolver

Mi Casa @ Revolver (every 4th Friday of the month)
Suckmusic + Friends @ Revolver (every 1st Friday of the month)
Summadayze 2012
Portsea Polo 2012
Future Music Festival 2012

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Interview: Kid's Table

Getting Tropical Stereosonic 2011 Winners

On behalf of Stereosonic and Getting Tropical I would like to throw a big congratulations to:

Hannah Smith & Jordan Read 

You have won a double pass to Stereosonic 2011 - contact me on here to claim your tickets. 

God vs. God (Boogs vs. Spacey Space)

Writer: Kid's Table

| Boogs | 
| Spacey Space |
| 1 Hour |
| Live @ Tramp |
| 'Nuff Said |

bOOgS vS spAcEy @ tRaMp - fake tits volume 1 by boogs

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Writer: Kid's Table


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