Twelve.AM ft. The Finger Prince, Jensen Interceptor, Your Ol Lady & More [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Twelve.AM ft. The Finger Prince, Jensen Interceptor, Your Ol Lady & More + FREE DOWNLOAD

The Finger Prince

The Finger Prince is the love-child of Australian rave royalty Cruzman & Furter. 2 Men who are no strangers to charming the highs, mids & lows out of even the surliest sound systems. Having both represented Australasia in the occupation of sonic consultation for the last 10 years they have collectively explored almost every side of body moving rhythms and elastic electronic frequencies that keep you up in the morning and chained to the floor all night.

Having knocked out remixes for Azari & III, Blackstrobe, Boy 8-Bit, & ZZT their light-weight belt has gained some pounds in more recent times. As well as pushing out 2 eps for Sydney dance label 'Bang Gang' (that Cruzman conveniently curates) they produced a collaborative effort with label-stable mates Light Year aptly named 'Australia' that was unleashed through worthy Canadian imprint Turbo which garnered a small amount of support despite its recklessly stupid title.
If there's a knee up where they can throw down, it's likely they already done it, thrice over. Playing raves in Tokyo, Parisian cheese factories, German leather dens, Texan road-side diners and Melbourne lavatories with their own take on macho house, acid twurk and deep ghetto techno.

Jensen Interceptor

Hardened by years touring the world as half of pseudo-kitsch acid-electro force Light Year, and now gone solo, Jensen Interceptor is unleashing the raw, elastic-funk techno of his dreams upon the world.

Jensen Interceptor has taken the party friendly sound that made Light Year world renowned and gone back to basics, inspired by both the brutal simplicity of Berghain and the panty-dropping vibe of west-coast rap.

Witness remixes of Nickel (ex-Hey Today!) and Motorik labelmates, The Finger Prince and CSMNT61, as prime examples of this - with play from all corners of the spectrum, from some of the world's foremost Djs like Erol Alkan, Digitalism, Brodinski, Tiga and Simian Mobile Disco to underground techno selectors du jour like Black Asteroid, Max Pask and Motor.
After a year locked in his Sydney studio, his first EP is ready to hit the racks. Synth-laced, Roland-driven minimalism for maximalists, or maximalism for minimalists. This is Jensen Interceptor. Stripped back, fast-back funk. Acid techno at 808,000rpm. Raw, unadulterated, visceral power. Engage clutch, shift into top gear, and hit accelerator. Rinse and repeat.

Your ol lady

Bursting onto the Australian scene in 2010 with exuberance and finesse was none other than Your Ol’ Lady. After growing up in a town where electro was so foreign, these boys are now the youth and future of contemporary electronic music.

Barely legal in age, the pair came together but not without serious tension. Whilst the two were fiery to start with, both quickly realized the underlying passion (for ‘your mum’ gags) they both had, and energies were soon concentrated on the productions and live sets around the country we now accustomed to.

Following with the hype from tracks and gigs, Your Ol' Lady released their debut EP on DGA FAU Records - receiving support from the likes of Gtronic, F.O.O.L, Haezer, Far too loud, Make the girl dance, Autodidakt, Trumpdisco, Mr. Skeleton, Q.G and more.

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