Getting Tropical Podcast: Vault Mix 004 - Malakai

As we continue on our journey of 'Vault Mixes' Getting Tropical presents to you Malakai's 'Monday Mix Up' & interview from August 2011. You can download & subscribe to the Getting Tropical Podcast for free via the iTunes Podcast directory below. 

 For me this mix was one of two that really stood out for me in 2011 on a local level; it was my turn to mix tape whenever I wanted to just slap my self and stop being a silly down coota fish. Must listen.

Track List:

1. Alegri (Orignal Mix) - Batida
2. Paris Tropical (Pharoah Zap Edit) - Warako Musica3. Kid Conga feat. MC Miltinho (Dubbel Dutch Remix) - Daniel Haaksman4. Ganja (Orignal Mix) - DVA5. Nobody Canna Cross It (Sabbo Beat-Up) - DJ Powa6. If You Buck (Orignal Mix) - Kingdom7. Neon (Orignal Mix) - Dark Sky8. Hands Up (Swick & Tranter Dub Remix) - 19289. Wut (Claude Vonstroke Remix) [Undressed Mix] - Girl Unit10. The Way You Move (Orignal Mix) - Outkast11. Me Gusta (Orignal Mix) - Louie Kaboom12. The Man With The Red Face (Orignal Mix) - Laurent Garnier

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