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Marc Houle - Undercover

Writer: Kid's Table

For his new EP; 'Undercover', Items & Things co-founder Marc Houle jumps in his time machine and heads back in time. Destination Chicago, 1987, and a face to face with Master C&J exploring the mysterious power of plunging basslines and moody synths. 

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Writer: Kid's Table

Claptone: Cream + Mix

Writer: Kid's Table

Mystery surrounds the identity of production combo Claptone. Perhaps it doesn't matter... Their first EP 'She Loves You' was a mix of sharply floor focused tech-house, deep house and disco blends. Currently No. 4 in the German Club Charts and like by key-players such as Tensnake, Julio Bashmore, Eats Everything, A-Trak, Matthew Dear and Tim Sweeney - they had to make a quick follow-up. Here it is: CREAM... it will make you..

Writer: Kid's Table

Monday Mix Up #18 w/ 1 Fish, Two Fish

Writer: Kid's Table

DJ Name: 1 Fish, Two Fish
Label: Varied
Residencies: The Nash, Jump Here, Touch Me, I'm Sick & whoever is silly enough to book us.
Years in industry: 5 years

KT: For everyone out there looking to get into deejayin'; how did you first start and what was your 'big break'?

We wouldn't say we have had our 'big break' yet but we have been lucky enough to have done some rad things.

We started out playing down at a local bar in Torquay called Ripe (now Left Off The Rocks). Then took over the back room at 4play and wanted to bring music there that no where else played in Geelong. People dug it and it suddenly packed out every week for a good 2 years which led to other opportunities for us as DJs and producers.

You'll have to excuse the frankness of this interview, we are doing this at Revolver on an iPhone!

KT: What advice can you give to any aspiring deejays out there that want to make their hobby into a career?

Don't get into it if you are just all about making money. Make sure you are passionate about music and as a result are then passionate about deejaying.

Start making your own music, even if it's just your own edits, you will then create your own style. Djing can be hugely competitive if you want to get out of the bed room so it's hard anywhere if you don't offer something more.

Play what you want, if it's good and you do it well, good good. 

KT: What has been your favourite gig/venue to play at and why?

The Nash, especially the Monkey Safari, Oliver $ and Pleasurekraft gigs where Touch Me, I'm Sick brought something different to Geelong and it worked. Also Revolver is always good, playing or 'playing'.

KT: Who has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

Bang Gang Deejays firstly for paving the way for us to play a bit more left field in Geelong and Scattermusic crew because they're like family and boogs because he is the bosssss!

KT: What projects are you working on at the moment?

We just finished off 2 remixes for Coopa and Benson which will be released through HM Records (UK) and Vicious Bitch. Constantly have unsigned originals and half baked ideas cooking which will hopefully be completed and released once Hunt stops being a perfectionist. 

KT: For anyone who hasn't caught you live yet; what can they expect to see?

Depends where, what, why and how; but always good times.

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical' and why?

Barry Manilow - Copacabana

Gig Dates:

Coming to a 50th birthday party near you!

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Writer: Kid's Table

Revolver Sundays feat. Home Grown Geetroit Talent

Writer: Kid's Table

Revolver holds a close place in a lot of our hearts and is a cheeky little mistress of my own. This Sunday 3 Geetroit acts will be gracing the decks from 1pm showcasing the some of the amazing talent we have downt he highway. Check out some music from Dylan Bauer (1/2 of Trampoline), Mr. Eddie & 1 Fish, Two Fish.

Techno more like tech YES! ahh. Kids these Days - Trampoline. by Trampoline.

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Writer: Kid's Table

Burns & NT89 - Traffic EP

Writer: Kid's Table

The track starts off in your typical NT89 techno fashion and you almost think that that's just the way it's gonna be; but when it hits you get a good ol' smack in the face for letting yourself think it was going to be anything but jaw dropping. The release features 2 massive remixes from autoKratz and Attaque which compliment perfectly.

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Writer: Kid's Table

Nick Curly - A Certain Someone

Writer: Kid's Table

Just like in 2011, the mother label Cecille starts out with a clasher from Nick Curly himself. "A Certain Someone" is a clarion call for Nick's forthcoming album on Cecille in March. The A side starts with "A Certain Someone" - a dirty fucker of a groove for all excessive house parties... use this weapon carefully! 

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Writer: Kid's Table

Roof To Reel: Mu-Gen Live

Writer: Kid's Table

"I recently had the honor of being asked to perform in the Roof to Reel live record series in Melbourne. Curated by Edd Fisher every Sunday afternoon a stalwart in the underground Melbourne scene will be conducting a Sunday soundtrack, which will also be recorded and then replayed on his Tomorrowland radio show on PBS." - Mu-Gen

Last year Mu-Gen featured on my 'Monday Mix Up' series with his winter 'I'll have what she's having' mix tape. Without completely kissing his ass it was and still is one of the most LEGIT mix tapes I've ever heard. He's been wording me up about a follow tape to the style of the house/apartment/cardboard box rather than the clurb. Sequels are often the down fall of any movie/musician - this is NOT the case. Just as impressive as the first his Roof to Reel live mix is as real as it gets. Word up to Mu-Gen for another dope tape; stream it via soundcloud below or download the FULL version HERE.
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Writer: Kid's Table

Life & Death - Step Aside

Writer: Kid's Table

Quite often a track comes along that takes time to seep in and take full hold but when it finally does, it digs its claws right in. A simple 4:4 beat rolls on laconically while a deep, pulsing bass line constantly moves you.

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Writer: Kid's Table

Monday Mix Up #17 w/ Digga Please

Interview: Kid's Table

KT: First up; What's your DJ name and how did you get/choose it?

'Digga Please', spent a long time trying to think of something creative and after a lot of failed attempts I thought using a pun of my name would be sufficient.

KT: How did you come to start deejayin'?

A mate of mine had decks and I'd often play on them before I bought my own and started thinking about DJing as a way to make some money.

KT: What has been your favourite gig so far? 

By a country mile a gig I played for my uni that had about 300 people crammed into a little bar. Everyone dressed up in animal costumes getting down to something non-commercial for once was definitely a really enjoyable moment for me.

KT: What can people expect to hear form one of your sets?

Something energetic, lots of bangers, minimal and deep house. Never a dull moment and never a song played for too long.

KT: Who's your favourite DJ/Producer at the moment?

 I've recently discovered an Adelaide DJ by the name of Uberjak'd, who's producing a lot of crazy remixes but a part from that bigger names like TON!C and Bingo Players are frequently played in my sets. 

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical'?

Lezgo - Justin Martin & Ardalan

KT: If you had one special power what would it be and why?

Time travel, I'd be that guy who's always like, 'I had that song first'.

KT: What plans do you have for Digga Please in the future?

New residencies in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and possibly a weekend spot in Geelong. Plus a whole lot of new bootlegs.

KT: What's your favourite memory of a live gig you've seen?

Naysayer & Gilsun in Geelong, the first time I saw them play I was in awe of the sheer diversity of sounds and creativity that goes into putting together a set like they can.

KT: To all the promoters out there; why should they book you?

I'll get your crowd jumping and fist pumping with familiar sounds and banging drops, a hot'n'heavy set that will have you glued to the dance floor.

Booking details:

Name: Jesse Diggins
Contact: or 0421799821
Looking for gigs in: Geelong, East Melbourne

Getting Tropical's Monday Mixup - Digga Please by Digga-Please

Track listing available on Digga Please's soundcloud.

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Interview: Kid's Table

Sixteenofive - Platform Vol. 1

Writer: Kid's Table

The first instalment of our brand new sampler series kicks off with 5 tracks of Grade-A Techno and Tech Haus, showcasing their vision of evolution. Pe & Band and DJ Mandraks have appeared on 1605 before, and their high-octane Techno sound is unmistakable, as is evident in their opener "The Sound Of The Drums".

The legendary Marco Bailey offers his tribute to Kiev with a buzzing monster, complete with haunting synths and manic hi-hats, while Kiko provides a futuristic slice of quirky Tech Haus featuring his signature, genius programming. Still on the Tech Hause tip, Fer BR uplifts us with the sample-laden "Feeling So Close", and throws us into a disco from hell. The closer "Yes" from Hellomonkey is a heads-down roller, laced with hip-hop vocal snippets and hypnotic effects over a touch groove.

Sixteenofive - Platform Vol. 1 [1605] by Press & Play

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Writer: Kid's Table

Hectix Over-Night [Drumstep]

Writer: Kid's Table

Some seriously heavy drumstep monsters here from Daniil Kormshchikov AKA Hectix, a talented young producer from Nizhny Novgorod, in Russia picked up by John B when he was on tour out there last year. He's already had releases out on labels such as Ammunition, Artist Recordings, Talkin Beatz & Drum Orange. 

Overnight starts with an epic trance build up then hits you hard with absolute killer bass and drums and a phat mixdown. Love radar has more screechy synths, and even MOAR heavy drumstep bizniz, both instant rewinds. Hectix is also working on a remix of Light Speed the title track from John Bs new album out this year.

Hectix-Overnight [BETA Rec. dub] by Hectix

Hectix-Love Radar[BETA Rec. dub] by Hectix

Hectix-You not better [BETA Rec. dub] by Hectix

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Writer: Kid's Table


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