Slam Radio - 006 - Regis [Techno]

Slam Radio - 006 - Regis [Techno]

Based in Glasgow, SOMA is one of the world's leading electronic dance labels, and one of the longest running. They have been putting out great music since 1991 releasing more than 320 singles and 95 Albums. Many successes include launching the careers of Slam, Silicone Soul, Funk D'Void, Alex Smoke, Master H, Vector Lovers, Percy X aka Edit-Select and Daft Punk.

Soma is committed to developing new music and artists and has a reputation for consistent excellence. New artists we are working with include Mark-Henning, Harvey McKay, Decimal, Hatikvah, DeepChord, Gary Beck, Joe Stawarz, Steve Rachmad, Heiko Laux.

2011 saw Soma Recordings celebrate their 20th year of releasing stunning and eclectic music from across the electronic spectrum. The label released a series of singles throughout the year (some vinyl and some digital), containing remixes of Soma¹s extensive catalogue , including remixes of their big tracks like Silicone Soul’s ‘Right On , Right On’ and Scott Grooves’ ‘Mothership Reconnection’ (famously remixed, previously, by Daft Punk), Funk D’Void’s ‘Diabla’ and H-Foundation’s ‘Tonight’ to name a few. These releases culminated in a CD box-set released in Autumn, featuring exclusive tracks and DJ mixes, including one by Label co-founders SLAM.

Some of the producers involved in celebrating the 20th Anniversary included Loco Dice, Christian Smith, DJ Sneak, Radio Slave, Pan-Pot, Claude VonStroke, Nick Curly, Santos, Andrew Weatherall and countless other world respected artists.

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