Like A G6? I Think Not.

Writer: Kid's Table

In the light of everybody's new obsession with 'dub-step' or the newer sub genre of 'glitch-hop' I thought I'd post a remix of one of the lesser known and yet equally as mind fucking tracks going around at the moment. Lucky Date & Eli Smith have put out a Skrillex styled remix of Frankmusik's 'Do It In The AM' which features the every so annoying Far East Movement on vocals. Although FEM are more known for their top 40 'banger' 'Like A G6' they have collaborated with Frankmusik to actually present something worthy of playing without completely cringing. 

All in all after listening to this a few times it really grew on me and I'm sure it will grab you too with hooky vocals and a mad 'genre of the moment' drop. Listen for yourself but either way this one is going in my regular rotation and will certainly please the right crowd!

Cheers to Nate over at CJ for the heads up!

Frankmusik- Do It In The AM ft. Far East Movement (Lucky Date & Eli Smith Remix) by Lucky Date

Writer: Kid's Table


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