Tropical Tunesday #17

Writer: Kid's Table

This Tropical Tunesday is all over the two DJs who impressed me most over the weekend: Hey Sam & Silversix. They played a ri-donkulously rad 5 hour versus at Revolver Upstairs Sunday afternoon, featuring jackin' tech house, techno, house & baby making vocal house. Here's a taste of some their work:

"Hold on.. Hold on.. Fuck that shit.."

Drunk Tonight (Jesus & Hey Sam's Drunken House Mix) - Ralvero by HEY SAM

Doin' Ya Deep Thang (Hey Sam DJ Edit)- Oliver $ vs Roland Clark by HEY SAM

Book in 5 hours of you life and let Silversix take you on a journey with this live mix!

Silversix - 5hr Live Set - Revolver Upstairs - Sunday 06-03-2011 by Silversix

Writer: Kid's Table


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