The Life Of A Park: Pt.I

Writer: Kid's Table

As the majority of you have seen the Parklife line-up you've already made your judgement on whether it's a 'must see' or 'dat's saaa shit'. In this series of Parklife dedicated posts I'll be hoping to change a few peoples minds and open them up to some of the artists/music that they may not know much about.

Many of you already know and have heard some of SebastiAn's music - to some him up in one genre it would have to be French Electro - although his new original release isn't as 'hard' as many of the SebastiAn faithful would have liked it his new remix of 'Watch Me Dance' by Toddla T is certainly back to the sound we expect and love from the main man. Have a listen to it below and/or download it via ZS!

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Writer: Kid's Table


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