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Thursday weekly BACK ROOM Sesh w/ BodyMachine & Friends

Writer: Kid's Table

Whilst everyone sits back and continues to talk about 'The Back Room Thing' that we all want to see and have in Geetroit there are one group of Deejays that are actually getting off their cold boney asses and doing something about it; BodyMachine Deejays. They are the creators of the Bended Elbow beer garden Friday night sessions that most of you would have ventured up to at least once over the tail end of summer. One of the highlights being their EP launch with international Valentino tearing up a storm. 

If you want to avoid the usual antics of certain clubs that attract nothing but a 'I wanna get so fucked up I spew then take home an equally as fucked up bitch and fuck her for da boiz' then I suggest you treat your self to some top notch quality music that BodyMachine Deejays will throw down with their ever changing weekly list of friendly supports. So get off you frozen keisters and head down to BEAV'S BAR in the back room and support some local talent on a Thursday night!

Here's a mix tape they put together for Getting Tropical earlier on in the year! BOOM!

Writer: Kid's Table

Dare to D.R.E.A.M. @ E55

Writer: Kid's Table

Although Getting Tropical is a music blog and has yet to post something of this nature I thought this would be the perfect time to break into new fields. D.R.E.A.M. is an art exhibition that is being presented to you by three Essendon girls; Donna, Laura & Worm. 

The exhibition is for:

"the dreamers, believers and creatures of mischief; on the chase for that dream, and unable to be justified by laws of man. Our reality is each our own to manifest. The exhibition is about the costant desire to expand, escape, and enter into the subconscious of our minds. We see ourselves as children of mischeif on the earth. This city is a playground of inspiration we never take for granted.dare to dream, fuck the system, and think."


The exhibition kicks off at 7pm tomorrow night and will host a local hip hop deejay, cheap beer and left overs from Chez Rowe. 

So if you in the area get down and support some amazing local artists who are putting our lifes and lifestyle into the form of some rad art!

Writer: Kid's Table

Tropical Tunesday #18

Writer: Kid's Table

Yet again the winter cold set in upon my jittery ol' bones and Tropical Tunesday comes a day late! This week I'm gonna throw you some tracks in the them of the launch of WILD THINGS this Friday night at Inflation Night Club Melbourne.

MayaVanya has already featured on Getting Tropical and I'm super excited for these rad babes to be coming to Oz for two shows this weekend (Friday @ Inflation Night Club Melbourne and Saturday @ Home House Night Club Geelong)!

MayaVanya vs Magik Johnson - Don't Need No One (Original) by MayaVanya

This Time (Preview) by Mu-Gen

Glass Mirrors - Hoot (unfinished / unmastered) by Glass Mirrors

Writer: Kid's Table

The Life Of A Park: Pt.I

Writer: Kid's Table

As the majority of you have seen the Parklife line-up you've already made your judgement on whether it's a 'must see' or 'dat's saaa shit'. In this series of Parklife dedicated posts I'll be hoping to change a few peoples minds and open them up to some of the artists/music that they may not know much about.

Many of you already know and have heard some of SebastiAn's music - to some him up in one genre it would have to be French Electro - although his new original release isn't as 'hard' as many of the SebastiAn faithful would have liked it his new remix of 'Watch Me Dance' by Toddla T is certainly back to the sound we expect and love from the main man. Have a listen to it below and/or download it via ZS!

Download [right click --> open in new tab]

Writer: Kid's Table

Like A G6? I Think Not.

Writer: Kid's Table

In the light of everybody's new obsession with 'dub-step' or the newer sub genre of 'glitch-hop' I thought I'd post a remix of one of the lesser known and yet equally as mind fucking tracks going around at the moment. Lucky Date & Eli Smith have put out a Skrillex styled remix of Frankmusik's 'Do It In The AM' which features the every so annoying Far East Movement on vocals. Although FEM are more known for their top 40 'banger' 'Like A G6' they have collaborated with Frankmusik to actually present something worthy of playing without completely cringing. 

All in all after listening to this a few times it really grew on me and I'm sure it will grab you too with hooky vocals and a mad 'genre of the moment' drop. Listen for yourself but either way this one is going in my regular rotation and will certainly please the right crowd!

Cheers to Nate over at CJ for the heads up!

Frankmusik- Do It In The AM ft. Far East Movement (Lucky Date & Eli Smith Remix) by Lucky Date

Writer: Kid's Table

Sexy Baby Making Musik For Your Wednesday Morning

Writer: Kid's Table

Not a whole lot to this post other than the fact you HAVE to listen to this song - stumbled across it on YouTube whilst looking for videos of cats stuck in hamster balls. ENJOY!

Writer: Kid's Table

Tropical Tunesday #17

Writer: Kid's Table

This Tropical Tunesday is all over the two DJs who impressed me most over the weekend: Hey Sam & Silversix. They played a ri-donkulously rad 5 hour versus at Revolver Upstairs Sunday afternoon, featuring jackin' tech house, techno, house & baby making vocal house. Here's a taste of some their work:

"Hold on.. Hold on.. Fuck that shit.."

Drunk Tonight (Jesus & Hey Sam's Drunken House Mix) - Ralvero by HEY SAM

Doin' Ya Deep Thang (Hey Sam DJ Edit)- Oliver $ vs Roland Clark by HEY SAM

Book in 5 hours of you life and let Silversix take you on a journey with this live mix!

Silversix - 5hr Live Set - Revolver Upstairs - Sunday 06-03-2011 by Silversix

Writer: Kid's Table

Mummy Did A Dance

 Writer: Dom Spiller

What is there to say about Jack Adams a.k.a. Mumdance, apart from having one of the self-professed stupidest names in the business (I mean seriously, who the fuck names their kid "Jack Adams"?)

*Crickets* *Tumbleweeds*

But anyway, let's knock that part out of the way shall we? For all those inquisitive minds out there pondering the origins of the obscure moniker "Mumdance", prepare to be bitterly disappointed much like I was, because it turns out it isn't an interesting story at all. Or even a story for that matter. In his own glorious words;

"Mumdance is a stupid name that I thought up, which I use as an anchor for the various cultural products that I sporadically create"

With that being said however, there is nothing lack-lustre OR bitterly dissapointing about the music Mumdance creates. Trying to pin Mumdance's sound down into a specific genre is a feat in itself that I don't think can be achieved; ome might say his music transcends individual genres themselves and shakes the foundations of electronic music to its various cores, while some might just say "yeah, that sounds aiight", either way I'm yet to hear a bad word about the man, and if anyone out there has, then don't tell me, because I don't admit that I'm wrong anyway.

That's enough from me anyway, so sit forward, clench your klubbin' fist and prepare for the auditory experience that is Jack Adams, Mumdance.

Mumdance ft Badness - Sacrifice by mumdance

Mums Of Death (Mumdance & Drums of Death) - Golden Axe by mumdance

Mumdance - Smasher by mumdance

Writer: Dom Spiller

Bingo Players Are Crying (Just A Little)

Writer: Kid's Table

The Bingo players recently rocked the nation touring for Creamfields Australia and smashed their latest full-on, feel-good house anthem 'Cry (Just A Little)' everywhere they went! This hooky vocal sing-along, drips in filtered funk and is igniting dancefloors coast to coast! Currently at the pointy part of the chart across Europe & Aus, we are sure this song will be stuck in your head for weeks to come..

Bingo Players, signed to international label; 'Spinnin' Records' (the same label who released Afrojack's - 'Take Over Control' and Ian Carey's 'Get Shaky' and 'Last Night') and OneLove recordings locally, have just launched their brand new video. Check it out below but BE WARNED this song WILL get stuck in your head for days!

Tropical Tunesday #16

Writer: Kid's Table

After a massively long weekend partying at QUEEN'S it's now time to start thinking about JUMP @ The Sporting Globe THIS Saturday night. It's going to be a massive night upstairs at TSG with two rooms hosting some of the best local and Melbournian talent you cannot miss this one! 


Stevie Mink


Writer: Kid's Table

Kiss FM: The High Society Mix Tape by Blake!

Writer: Kid's Table

When I came across this mix tape by Getting Tropical's Melbournian pal Blake! I had no choice but to send it all your way.

This 21 year old 'jay has supported such acts as; Claude Von Stroke, Nadastrom, Bart B More, D.I.M., Feadz, Boy 8-Bit, Larry Tee, Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup & Ajax.

He doesn't stop with just deejayin' some of the raddest venues in Melbourne; Blake! co-hosts his own radio show on Kiss FM called The High Society which runs every Sunday morning 5am-7am (87.6fm, 87.8fm, 87.9fm & 88.0fm)

No doubt many of you have made/heard tech-haus mixes before; but this is one of those tapes that really sticks with you and makes an impression. Blake!'s style of mixing is made for this genre and it's vocal vs. percussion builds really creates somewhat of a journey.

The highlight for me is the use of Round Table Knights 'Say What?' acapella 'round the 32min mark - pure eargasm!

The High Society Mixtape by Blake!

For more of Blake!'s work hit him up at the below links:

Writer: Kid's Table

Tropical Tunesday #15

Writer: Kid's Table

Tropical Tunesday is coming a day late this week because... well.. I slept 'til 3 yesterday and.. you know.. ahh.. my dog ate it..?

Anyway back on topic; this Caturday the 11th of June is Geelong's newest all DJ festival - QUEEN'S down at the pier, Geelong (where Smorgy's used to be (and no unfortunately Sammy the seal isn't still there)). 

You all know the line up is massive but what a lot of people don't know much about is the venue. I popped down there on Monday night to see Drapht for a gentle mosh and the first thing that came out of my mouth when I walked in was 'Wow!' I couldn't even imagine the transformation that the pier has undertaken. You could walk in there and after a few minutes walking around believe you were at any high-class event venue in the world.

For those out there who haven't purchased tickets yet tomorrow is your LAST DAY for pre-sales. Otherwise it's going to be a dog-fight on the day to get one of the few $50 tickets on the door.

In the theme of Queen's here is a taste of a few of the local supports that will be playing:

Bosstone- Jova (1 Fish,Two Fish Remix) {Scattermusic} by 1 Fish, Two Fish

Kid's Table

Mariachi Loco Sex Appeal (Kid's Table Bootleg) - Keewix feat. Messinian vs. Bueno Clinic by Kid's Table


Wheels In Motion Once Again (Kid's Table & Jubtek Bootleg) by Kid's Table


After Fanfara (Trampolines. gettin' techy wit' it Bootleg) - Monkey Safari vs. Filtertypen by Trampoline.


Galtier & Yuen - Snakecharming Step by Galtier


Couch Potato's (Live Mix 10.03.11) by BabyGoggles

Writer: Kid's Table


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