Getting Tropical Podcast: Moose Mix 001 - HandsDown

First up; what's your DJ name and how did you get/choose it?

HandsDown: It's my all time favourite song by a band called dashboard confessional; it's been tattooed on my hands for ages so it kind of seemed fitting.

How did come to start DJing?

HandsDown:  I've always been around music; played in hardcore bands that sort of thing.. I played drums for a long time growing up so I was always going to be curious.

What has been your favourite gig so far?

HandsDown:  Easily the show I played in New Zealand; place vibed harder than I've ever experienced.

What can people expect to hear from one of your sets?

HandsDown:  Death electro, dubstep, wild mixing and sweaty bitches.

Who's your favourite DJ/Producer at the moment?

HandsDown:  Haezer for sure; his stuff is always off the charts. Locally your ol' lady and Trumpdisco.

What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical' and why?

HandsDown:  Getting friendly with Thailand she men?

What plans do you have for HandsDown in the future?

HandsDown:  A whole lot more dub gigs with the AllCityBass and riot guys. As well as Trashbags/Zoolandtrash parties, hoping to head back to Sydney and NZ too. Also just inked a deal with Threds clothing up in Brisbane so heading up there in August so looking forward to that.

What's your favourite memory of a live gig you've seen?

HandsDown:  Booka Shade - no doubt.

Booking Details:

Name: Shannon Moroney
Looking for gigs in: The World

Soundcloud: HandsDown


E-mail address: