HandsDown - I Saw. Eye Sore. I Soar. [Mix Tape]

HandsDown - I Saw. Eye Sore. I Soar. [New Mix]

"The Biggest Of Middle Fingers To You Motherfuckers In Melbourne Stuck In A Loop,With No Originality Or Passion For What You Do. Dare To Be Different,Or DONT DO IT AT ALL! Surely The Limelight And Social Status Isnt Going To Last Forevor If You Look And Sound Like 100 Other Kids? Its A Lifestyle,SO LIVE IT."
- HandsDown 

I Saw. Eye Sore. I Soar. A big statement followed by an even bigger mix - HandsDown timely cements his name as a true game changer at the forefront of the resurrection of the heavy thrash metal electro scene in Melbourne. With Trashbag's having made its much anticipated return earlier on in the year; it's great to see such an authentic mix surfacing as a much loved part of Melbourne's night life returns to it's glory days; where you were able to mosh to the likes of Gtronic & Haezer whilst punching your best mate in the face with a smile.


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