Figgy - How You Feel EP [Freshmore]

Figgy - How You Feel EP [Freshmore]

Brooklyn's Figgy brings you his debut release on Freshmore with 2 soulful rollers "How You Feel" bw "Know You Better." 

The title track brings soulful chords and soulful vocals along with a 2 steppy pattern for the lovers out there. Love making music. The flip "Know You Better" comes a lil harder with its well developed bassline and vocal chops that make you wanna move it around. 

The release is accompanied by 3 remixes. The first by DUNES who comes with a more housier remix of "Know You Better." The 2nd remix is by a producer named F.L.O.T.E ( which i had never heard of until this remix. His remix brings that familiar sounds of Flying Lotus ala Sepalcure to the remix of "How You Feel." And last but not least young budding star Oxford Mngo drops his remix of How you feel ala Dancemania. One for the heads.

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