New Pleasurekraft Remix [1605 Music Therapy]

Eric Sneo Feat. Chris The Voice - Shut Up and Dance (Pleasurekraft Remix) [1605 Music Therapy]

Eric Sneo brings the noise indeed and Chris The Voice proves to be a wicked commander-in-chief.
Starting off with the Pleasurekraft remix, we are of course treated to a completely different angle than that of the original, complete with anthemic stabs and quirky vocal play. A funked-out bassline sets the tone and the duo's signature rhythm section stomps happily through the night. The Night On Fire Mix rolls right in with militant stabs and sonar bleeps, letting grinding hats and the vocal do their business. Stabs twist and turn, while the drums pound away into a frenzy. The original mix offers a more roots approach, with sweet distortion taking over the stripped-down interpretation and Techno sensibilities oozing out of every crack. Pleasurekraft's dub seals the deal emphasizing on their own melodic elements, for those who are down with the more instrumental side of things.

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