Get Low w/ Geetroit's Fish - 'Getting Tropical' (Free B4 Midnight)

Writer: Kid's Table

Say 'GETTING TROPICAL' for FREE entry before midnight!

Say 'GETTING TROPICAL' for FREE entry before midnight!

If it was up to me this piece would go as follows:

*Read poster*

Nuff said

..but the rest of you that aren't as excited as I am for this 'Get Low' party hosted by Mat Cant @ Revolver Upstairs then I'll help ya out.

Reason #1: It's an excuse to go to Revolver for dinner and stuff your face with chile fries (not that you should need an excuse)

Reason #2: You'll be able to challenge your personal best 'time spent at Revs in one session' - with the night starting at 9pm a 12 hour stint isn't unforeseeable even for the weak (I wanna see a 24 hour effort from one of you). 

Reason #3: Not one but TWO AVDJ shows from Nick Thayer and Mr. Nice. Let's face it most dedicated club goers have seen at least one AVDJ show now and they know that it brings a whole other dimension to your clubbing experience. 

Reason #4: It's Revolver Upstairs. Everyone is there for a reason. Music.

Reason #5: Our own Geetroit fishes will be playing 5am-7am and you know that they have been as toey as a Roman sandal for this set. You may think they play 'cool underground' choons in GC but I believe this is the perfect platform for them to launch some of their new original bombs and showcase their full musical knowledge and expertise!

Reason #6: If you're one of those cunts who just say 'fuck top 40 man I want real club music fuck this shit man blah blah blah' that's all fine and dandy and I agree; I want real club music too. Now is the time to get off you ass and make the effort to actually get to a real club night and listen to your favourite tracks as well as catch some absolute gems that you'll be diggin' for for months!

Reason #7:  Spacey Space a.k.a. Mr. Bus Driver will no doubt be playing and reward those soldiers who can make it into Sunday arvo! 

'You take me higher than I've ever been babbbbbbbbbby!'

Now if that doesn't make up your mind to 'Get Low' w/ the fishes and be getting tropical with the rest of us then listen/watch below and be swayed!

Say 'GETTING TROPICAL' for FREE entry before midnight!

Writer: Kid's Table


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