Monday Mix Up #1 w/ Bishop

Writer: Kid's Table

KT: First up; What's your DJ name and how did you get/choose it?

Bishop: Well Bishop has always been my last name, and I couldn't think of something really creative, so I decided to go with it.

KT: How did you come to working together/start deejayin'?

Bishop: I have always been a musician, being a guitarist and drummer, but then I got into dance music and it just kinda overtook me.

KT: What has been your favourite gig so far? 

Bishop: My favourite gig so far has been at Cruze Underground in Mornington, that place always pumps!

KT: What can people expect to hear form one of your sets?

Bishop: A mixture of tech house, hip hop, some filthy dubstep and classics! All mixed to perfection!

KT: Who's your favourite DJ/Producer at the moment?

Bishop: Probably Tonic, although Swedish House Mafia have always been my favourite!

KT: What's the first song that pops into your head when you think 'Getting Tropical'?

Bishop: Calypso by Round Table Knights, it reminds be of a tropical beach.

KT: If you had one special power what would it be and why?

Bishop: To be able to fly, so I could go anywhere in the world without paying a cent.

KT: What plans do you have for Bishop in the future?

Bishop: I plan to gig as much as I can and start to establish myself in the local and eventually international scene.

KT: What's your favourite memory of a live gig you've seen?

Bishop: Would be Skrillex Creamfields 2011, man he did a great live show, tore the place a new one!

KT: To all the promoters out there; why should they book you?

Bishop: Because I'm not your typical commercial house DJ, tech house DJ, minimal DJ, trance DJ, hell you couldn't cateorise me, I play all different styles and will guarantee to get the dance floor heaving.

Booking details for Bishop

Name: Bishop
Contact: +61428785841
Facebook: Daniel Bishop
Looking for: Gigs in Melbourne & surrounding areas
Music: Soundcloud

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